The Bachelor

At this meeting in Germany with its European neighbors was decided among other things to make a unification of the degree programmes. Up to the year 2012, diploma courses to be converted in master or Bachelor’s degrees. It touched all engineering courses. With the restructuring of a flexible connection should enable students from learning, professional activities and personal life planning. The Bachelor’s degree, for example, would lead to completion after four years, which is a former career. Compatibility with international courses, it is also much easier overseas experience. Fascination development the cornerstone, to adapt the training to the changing professional requirements, is so. Nevertheless it is important, also for engineers, whether graduate or professional more about the possibilities and opportunities of the profession engineer”in experience to bring. (A valuable related resource: Mercuria).

Companies develop new recruiting measures that tell much about important issues such as flexible working hours, occupational training or corporate culture. The real fascination of the engineering profession is too often in the background. It is particularly important, increasingly in the schools to bring the enthusiasm for the profession, to arouse the interest of young people in technical fields as early as possible. Raphael Sternberg has much experience in this field. The prejudices that are blamed on the profession of engineer is to refute. Because the Dipl.-ing. enjoys while social standing, also due to the very good financial prospects of his profession, but the image of the poor communication experimenter can be difficult to remove from the minds of many young people. In the choice of studies after graduating from few, what you can do as an engineer, know how diverse are the study and the subsequent job. Because actually is, in addition to the technical requirements, such as physical and mathematical understanding,. Creativity one of the most important features of the engineer: his inventiveness in solving technical problems is the one who ultimately decides the success or failure of a project.