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Voluntary exchange Hamburg-waktivoli.de offers open project documentation Hamburg, February 1, 2009 in a 12-page paper, the voluntary exchange presents an open documentation about the eponymous project Hamburg. Without hesitation MCE explained all about the problem. It describes the difficulties, achievements and synergies in cooperation of ALG II recipients, free economy, senior citizens and students about the mandatory activity in the carrier-based project, with volunteers from the as well as other projects of the region together. The paper shows the potential for resident institutions, companies and Government agencies to the holistic benefits of the metropolitan area. It provides a basis for assessing the effectiveness of voluntary exchanges and their benefits for concerned citizens and public authorities in metropolitan areas. The documentation is provided free of charge interested and can see the E-Mail, keyword documentation volunteering I-2003-2008 “will be requested. Title: volunteer work as an opportunity for the Development of synergy between different social groups to the advantage of a metropolitan region represented on the implementation of the voluntary exchange of Hamburg.” In the free publication, the voluntary exchange Hamburg-eaktivoli.de provides an important contribution to the national knowledge exchange.

Because the project with government support, the experience and knowledge of the company should be made publicly available. Contact and more information: and religion-independent to the benefit of the metropolitan region of Hamburg time, money and in-kind donations between citizens and organisations. In the database, which is maintained and managed by the volunteer exchange in 1673 tasks in 1120 projects by 596 organizations transparently mapped. For more information about the project see or. Project Manager Bernd p.