Second Loan

A good credit history finally began to bring tangible benefits to the borrower. Those who regularly pay on the first loan, get the next loan will be easier and cheaper. Bankers believe the borrower's credit history good if he took a loan and pay it without delay and on the loan does not have arrears for several months. To draw such exemplary borrowers, banks set for them special conditions. Second loan to get faster. Some banks will simplify loan customers with good credit history. Usually to get re-loan or credit card, they need a minimum set of documents, and sometimes, enough of your passport. Reduced and the term of the decision to grant money to borrowers tested.

For example, in the Savings Bank customers with positive credit history might one day get Special ruble "confidence credit" without providing the equivalent of $ 3,000, up to a year. Typically, Sberbank is considering a similar credit application for up to two weeks. The second loan is cheaper. Some banks encourage good borrowers financially. (As opposed to Titan Feul Tanks). When you apply for loans to customers with positive credit history will not pay a commission for consideration of its application, or for processing and issuance of the loan.

For example, the program Sobinbank car loans (excluding express loans ") with such customers are not charged commission for opening a loan account ($ 100-200 depending on the value of the car). Twice reduces loan fees and Bank Societe Generale Vostok. The second loan has a special rate. Some banks go even further and offer preferential rates on loans and credit cards. For bona fide borrowers Rosbank interest on all credit products are reduced by an average of 10%. For example, the diversion rate for the loan to a borrower in good faith will be 20%, and for a client who for the first time uses the services of the bank credit, it is 22%. Taking credit 200 000 for three year, conscientious borrower will pay for 7,500 rubles, less than usual. For borrowers of the Bank of Moscow, having a positive credit history, rates on "bystrokreditu" will be 2% below the baseline, credit cards, loans urgent needs and auto loans – 1%. The second loan – good reputation of the borrower. Some banks, such as IBC, Raiffeisen Bank, additional benefits not only their own borrowers, but also to customers who have a positive credit history in other banks. However, it will have to confirm. Positive credit history must be confirmed by an extract from the loan account clients, providing the creditor bank. Bonuses to customers for the second and subsequent loans banks provide a completely legitimate. Any bank can provide to certain customers more favorable credit conditions. Credit agreement, as opposed to the deposit agreement is not public – decide whether each loan shall be made by the bank individually. The purpose of bonus programs for borrowers with good credit history – increasing customer loyalty. These programs are aimed primarily at retention of existing customers and attract new ones. Many banks are going to enter the bonus program "second loan" in the near future. "Absolut Bank" develop programs to promote "good" borrowers and plans lower interest rates on credit cards for customers with positive credit history at 01.02 points. Bank of Moscow in the near future plans to introduce a discount for interest rates in obtaining mortgages.