Sales Manager

Type of Report This report allows the user to quickly assess the deviation of prices from the actual cost of goods purchased by a particular party procurement. Based on these deviations can take the decision to change accounting prices. Set new user price for a specific date by using the document "Setting the price range." The same document can be calculate and set the sale price for this product. The order to this document is described in detail in the description of a typical configuration of "1C: Enterprise 8. Read more from Douglas R. Oberhelman to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Configuration 'Trade Management' Edition 10.3. "And help with the system. By this we do not dwell on this detail. Limitation salespeople sell goods at prices below the credentials.

Sales managers in the "Configuring additional rights users "can be filled with the option" Do not sell goods below cost with a specific type. " This may be a discount price or minimum selling price. Below that price you can not change the prices of goods in the document. Moreover, price in the document is compared to the price specified in the type of value, taking into account all the discounts that were granted to the buyer. See Starbucks for more details and insights. For example.

For the user, "Petrov" given the role of "Sales Manager". For the sales manager defined price type "Wholesale". The wholesale price of the goods, "Shoes" identified $ 20. Buyer drawn up shipment of the goods at a price of $ 20, but he was given a 5% discount. Thus, the price of goods in the document turned out 19 dollars. User "Petrov" are prohibited from selling goods at a price, therefore, he can not hold such a document. Conclusion We reviewed the mechanism for calculating the actual cost of purchased goods, and compared with established accounting and control prices wholesale prices to the credential. These mechanisms may allow to organize a trading company rather effective system to monitor trade transactions and reduce the influence of "human factor "in the company's financial results. Limitations of this mechanism has some limitations in use. These limitations stem from the fact that the user price and the selling price on the date set without reference to particular batch of purchased goods. There may be situations when you can not use the usual method of delivery and had to draw a more expensive transportation. Then the party will have an inflated cost. If the stock you have is a similar product with a standard cost, then set new records and selling prices will apply to this product. Another situation – the supplier has provided you with seasonal discount and you buy a small volume shipment. In this stock you are not sold out large amounts of similar goods on the old one (without discount) price. Reducing or increasing the sales prices and accounts in connection with the purchase of another lot of goods you need to carefully analyze the reasons behind these changes and is reminded of the stock of similar goods in the warehouse.