Russian Federation

The size of funds allocated the insurer to finance preventive measures may not exceed 20 percent of insurance premiums, accrued during the preceding calendar year, minus the cost of security for the payment of a specified type insurance, the insured made in the preceding calendar year. With funding for preventive measures carried out within the provisions brought for that purpose by the Fund to the regional offices Fund. ” Clause 4 of the Rules states: “The Insured makes a statement about the funding of preventive measures in the executive body of the Fund at the place of their registration (hereinafter – the executive body of the Fund) before August 1 calendar year.

” The application shall be accompanied by: a financing plan in the current calendar year, preventive measures to reduce workplace injuries and occupational diseases (hereinafter – the financing plan) with indicating the amount of funding in the form in the annex to this Regulation action plan to improve working conditions and safety, carried out in accordance with the requirements of the Labor Code of the Russian Federation, a copy act on the audit of the State Labour Inspectorate in the Russian Federation subject compliance with employment laws and other normative legal acts containing norms of labor law (in the case of verification of the insured State Labour Inspectorate in the Russian Federation). In addition to these instruments the insurer shall submit the documents (copies of documents duly certified) justifying the need for financing preventive measures. If included in the plan of financing the activities envisaged in subparagraph a) of paragraph 2 of the Rules – a copy of the contract with an accredited body (Organization) to carry out works on the awp for the ut, the pricing of services provided, and a copy of the certificate of accreditation issued by an entity (organization) on the workstation to ut from the scope of accreditation.