Russian Federation

So he titled record, which was published in his blog on Dec. 16, 2008, in response to Official Rosstat data on industrial decline. Illarionov said that the decline in industrial production in Russia, as recorded by Rosstat in November 2008, was most profound in the last 19 years. Economist explains that the hardest months of industrial recession in 1992, 1994 and 1998, this rate of decline did not occur. Learn more gathered all the information. Obviously, the last time the reduction of industrial production in Russia is comparable pace – it's during World War ii – October-December 1941, May-August 1942 ", – says Illarionov. If the rate of decline can be described in one word, that word would be? "Catastrophe", adds Mr Illarionov.

3. Proactive hold political opponents pravitelstva.Tak example, Vladimir Milov (former Deputy Minister of Energy of the Russian Federation) said that "Russia will not be able to rise from their knees without the support of Western capitals. The author says that "Unlike the three other bric countries in which capital came mainly in the form of foreign direct investment in Russia is mostly to Western loans. They were the engine of our development to a greater extent than oil prices. And these were not our money, returning back, as some claim, namely the influx of foreign money. And they were spent, by the way, not on the goal of modernization, but for the most part on all the small stuff: the example, the bulk of the money received by the domestic companies that have worked in recent years, initial public offering (IPO), was spent mostly on the purchase of shares, real estate, and only 20-30% of this money went to projects of their own development. " "