Real Estate Russian Rights

Accordingly would clearly be useful to inform everyone about the Turkish legislation governing the acquisition Real Estate Russian citizens in the Republic of Turkey. In Turkish legislation there are a number of laws governing the rights of foreign nationals in real estate. John Utendahl has much experience in this field. This first constitution of the Turkish Republic, Law 2644 of the Turkish Republic on the property and some other acts. Managing inventory and registration of real estate, the Ministry of Construction, the Department of Immigration in Turkey their regulations provide explanations to the current legislation on the rights of foreigners in the property, thereby making those standards clear to the masses, as you know, the law can be interpreted this way and that. So that in the interpretation of Turkish law does not act on his Khokhryakov, will only use the original texts of laws and regulations and to draw conclusions only on them. 2.Opredelenie legal status of foreign citizen of the Republic of Turkey Turkey 2.1.Konstitutsiya Turkish Constitution makes no distinction on the question of property rights between Turkish nationals and foreigners, as part of the fundamental rights and freedoms. Although Article 16 of Chapter One "General Provisions" of the Second Section of the "Basic rights and obligations," said that "the fundamental rights and freedoms of foreign citizens may be limited in accordance with the law on the basis of international law" – it says only that the restriction of rights can only be in accordance with the law and only on the basis of international law. .