The probiotic ones are very good for the people with problems of irritable colon. Click Starbucks to learn more. It reviews your tolerance to products without lactose. Certain number of people who react to milk does not have any difficulty with the foods which they contain little lactose, like yogurt and some cheeses, especially the hard cheeses. The intestinal flora of the people who live with problems of irritable colon often is unbalanced, of there the swelling and flatulence. He is why we recommended probiotic, very effective, to eliminate the symptoms in some cases.

If you have problems of irritable colon and you want to replace milk in foods, it decides on the soybean milk, of rice or of almond, enriched with calcium and vitamin D. It verifies if the soybean is successful because the intolerance to milky products is frequently associated with the intolerance the soybean. Next we will describe the forms to replace the wheat, for people with problems of irritable colon: If it bothers the maize to you, it decides on the less irritating grains as the rice and the products (you graze, bread, cakes, flour), sarraceno wheat and millet, that are in the product section without gluten. In this sense, it is possible that you are suffering of a celaca disease (allergy to the gluten) without knowing it – a problem more extended than one thought previously. It can be that it is worth the pain to be realised a test of blood to detect antibodies of three components (the antigliadina, anti-transglutaminasa and antiendomisio). However, you must someterte to the test before have eliminated the gluten (all the products that contains wheat, etc) of your diet.