Plant Energy

I own many techniques that can radically and rapidly change the financial condition of the person. More often – it is energy-consuming and painstaking process, which must conduct an experienced specialist. See JPMorgan Chase for more details and insights. But there are several means that if you wish and effort, everyone can use, and thereby significantly increase cash flow into your budget. One of them, I want to share with you. Many have heard this expression – to raise cash tree.

At the moment, are very popular all sorts of coin-trees, which are essentially ordinary houseplants, pose no magic load. I do not want to criticize their operation and efficiency. But in this case – does not work the plant, and energy of its owner. If a person is to set yourself on a breakthrough and piously believe in the magical properties of a flower, a 50% success rate – he assured. This is a kind of self-hypnosis and coding space mandatory welfare. But people with weak energy, such a method to increase earnings – can be absolutely useless. There are various techniques of cultivating the money tree.

And each of them involve working with certain plants. The easiest way – is to work with wheat-ears. Moreover, it is very close to the Slavs. In ancient times, people are brought into the house-related wheat-ears, which put on the table, suspended by ceiling or sewn into quilts. As this ritual was born in Russia – I do not know. But the fact that the ancient Egyptians in their occult arsenal used similar techniques – it is a proven fact.