Planning Costs For Office Planning

In the office furniture industry and furniture trade has unfortunately been made in recent years more and more a matter of course that makes the respective dealer or manufacture of a complete office planning, without you, the end user to calculate. The planner takes the customer often sitting for hours in meetings and it is simply the planner a free interior design required to make. Sometimes one wonders why one of his business card instead of “office engineer” is not simply “print interior. The difference for me was certainly the calculation of the full number of hours of planning. Many end user today ask the operatives of the screen to complete office planning guidelines, rules, etc.. For this, then comes the color and special requests such as: is it still in line with Feng Shui It is quite amazing sometimes a matter of course implies that some customers as a free service. Under the motto, if you do not do it “there are already over the next 10 before theDoor “and I are planning to offer free of charge. One way to indirectly pay for the planning effort is of course the proposal to the retail cost of the planning charge in case of order (if the customer enters an appearance on something like that). One or the other client as waves still have the possibility to make the call to “simply Toll … more work without pay” because in our view distinguish themselves by the products of renowned manufacturers barely. Here you can really only through individual planning work which is specially tailored to the customers to argue with you land again, as it is written above in the planning costs.