Marketing Payment

Everyone who works in the Marketing and advertising sector perfectly meets the most usual forms of payment when comes to media in forward amounts which have generally always been 60 days after date invoice by transfer; what allows us as a company pay a possible provider of complementary services to 90 days. In other cases we are talking about 90 charge to pay to 90; and everything must clear. For small amounts, depends on the specific specialty of the company usually paid in advance, as in the case of direct marketing and ads in newspapers, and others usually follow using payments deferred to maturity depending on trust and time that wear working the company and its customer. But the crisis situation should do will modify the systems of collection and payment of advertising services? Complicated; but in many cases necessary. What I mean exactly? Every day we see companies that close, we hear news of companies in difficult situations, you are and other. It is our bread of every day. No catastrofismos or paranoia. It’s what there is, is what we live and be little cautious can lead us from night to day to have to lower the shade or chapar company, as we say colloquially; Although we have worked perfectly well and we are very good sellers and payers; everything by default.

And it is that already not talking only of companies services of advertising, but of any company to which your customer or client of your customer can leave you a non-payment, or even a delay of payment, and that motivate the company enters into complications, or as I said before have to close. All because of other / s, by the trust and not have either tied a payment. Moreover, that we are not talking only of an agreed payment to be made to so many days by bank transfer, with one hand in front and one behind as it is, but that now are already having serious problems with payments before so safe either viewed by any company as promissory notes. Nothing, wet paper but is backed by the Bank. Why comment on and remember that it is very important well tie payments and very important also, we not beware or look bad to our suppliers if increasingly ask us in advance, total or partial payments, or even some document that yesteryear we had ever raised.

It is no longer to be trusted; but the bread of many families. Let us remember that many companies have closed by not having gained, no by not having sold. Each that draw their conclusion. David Guiu about Website dedicated to marketing, advertising and integrated communications and marketing companies and advertising agencies.