Managing Director

“Success of a brand of hard work or random?” “Odysseus has never lost its aim sight, even if he had to go many ways, the uphill and downhill went.” It’s the same with a brand. “This statement Dr. Hans-Joachim Momm, Managing Director of Freixenet GmbH in Wiesbaden, entered with Prince in his guest lecture at the European management school on the topic of”Success of a brand of hard work or random?”part of the event series”Business insights”by Prof. Dr. Ronny A.. With headquarters in the region of origin of Cava (sparkling wine) in the Penedes in Catalonia (near Barcelona), Freixenet is among the largest and oldest sparkling wine cellars in Spain. Freixenet is represented in over 150 countries worldwide and is one of the most important import brands and is the market leader among the Spanish cavas. Even today, Freixenet is a family business as the world market leader, so that the principles of the House since nothing has changed.

But how do you recognize a brand? The simple and logical answer is this: “man recognize a brand it, that they can be identified.” As a prerequisite, but two dimensions must be realized, namely power and fascination. Taking a successful brand like Nike, Apple, IKEA as an example, is that it makes the success and power especially in the size. This includes sales and sales, market shares and the market importance. A powerful brand but also the second dimension may be absent, the fascination. The loyalty and the relationship with the customer is therefore crucial, because “only when brands fascinate us, we remain faithful to the brand”, as MOMM.

To reach a combination of power and fascination, then a so-called “lovemark” can develop. A lovemark attacking the head and the heart. One detects a brand for himself (“a brand for me”) or see them as a friend (“a brand like a friend”), so that this brand will continue to be bought and preferred.