Mack Rides Used MEGAARC

Mack rides used MEGA.ARC 2 Rehm for enhanced safety and quality are the latest technologies of REHM welding technology for MIG/MAG welding technologies SDI -plus & FOCUS.ARC. The MIG/MAG power source MEGA convinced because REHMs of new welding techniques.ARC2 since 2012 in operation through and through. Users get two more options to modify the electric arc welding work to be perfect by these revolutionary developments. The stepless, electronic welding choke SDI -plus provides the arc in the ignition as well as during the welding phase. The REHM arc technology FOCUS.ARC cutting and focus the arc, which also in predicaments with more pressure and speed like welded can be. A preference which incidentally Mack rides GmbH & Co KG uses: the welder at Mack rides could thereby the production speed with the MEGA.Increase ARC2 450-4 WS welding machine round 50%. When welding equipment of industry MEGA series.ARC2 are the attributes of the arc through the FOCUS.ARC and SDI -reformed plus technology.

Through the FOCUS.The hired welder savings even better exploit ARC technology. Without this technology, the welding feed at a configured route energy to only a small extent is be differs. With the FOCUS.ARC technology standard burner angle welding without binding error can be exceeded in a larger welding speed. FOCUS.ARC decreases as one fire hacks and generates less heat energy in the weld pool, with noticeably less delay and thus reduced rework will be charged. The SDI throttle-plus brings on top opportunities, carefully adjust the welding arc on the situation during the welding.

Targeted arc modeling, you can calibrate easily well parameters such as heat input, gap bridging and penetration. Better profitability in further highlights of the MEGA series MAG welding quality.ARC2 are the embedded job manager, allows quick and safe practice of the devices, as well as the embedded gouging function; to the joint welds, thus no extra device is required. The technology FOCUS.ARC and SDI -plus bring the user a significant time and costs and thus maximize the profitability of metal active gas welding. Therefore, relevant advantages in the competition may arise for the user. REHM device – best quality this has also recorded Mack rides, theme park attractions, specialist. For welding operations of roller coasters in difficult conditions and for maximum loads, primarily maximum production safety is a decisive factor. To ensure the safety, it is essential that the welds of the cars meet specific expectations of reliability, stability and quality. The welder at Mack rides judged the arc from the MEGA in practice with the power sources of from different manufacturers.ARC2 series very controllable. Therefore it was decided for the device of the welding equipment manufacturer REHM. The robust and low-spatter arc and the interference-proof and safe welding process during the whole work convinced Welders and welding supervisor immediately. That the decision for the MEGA.ARC2 family from the House of REHM right was, among other things occupied a processing speed increased by 50%. The machines of the MEGA family.ARC2 are suitable for a wide range of applications: starting with fitters and steel construction in thin sheet metal processing and the equipment and facility construction brought to bear. The MEGA series.ARC2 with FOCUS.ARC and SDI -plus technologies offers new possibilities of ARC configuration with FOCUS.ARC welded fillet weld impressed in terms of precision and seam appearance the company builds Mack rides all along the line on the FOCUS.ARC technology of welding equipment specialists REHM. For more information just visit our website: