Little Pigs

The girls, since small, grow hearing the estria of the Cinderela. The Cinderela nothing more is of what a young woman very prendada, who because of a stepmother me, is responsible for all the tasks of the house, and private of all and any social conviviality. Stuart Solomon often expresses his thoughts on the topic. The end of the estria all we know of color, and when I say end, I want to attempt against for the purpose of the estria: Cinderela is married the prince and both live ' ' happy forever ' '. For the boys, the counted estria is of the 3 little pigs, that constrem 3 different houses, and that even so they have different destinations (2 casinhas badly constructed are destroyed by the wolf and only the house of bricks resists), they pass the message of the man that the house constructs, the man supplier. When they grow, the girls leave in a search without end for the Magic Prince and ' ' happy forever ' '. If they will be prendadas better, but if they will not be, they will have that to give account of the house and its work in the same way, facing a double hours of working that if she transforms into triple day with the arrival of the children. The boys they grow with the orientation to choose a good profession, of preference that gives money sufficiently, therefore will be the great suppliers of the family. Both the estrias say of overcoming and victory – mottos that always must be remembered and be longed for, therefore the Cinderela surpasses its stepmother me, and the 3 together little pigs win the wolf bad. But what they do not count for the girls he is that ' ' happy forever ' ' it is not a passive state, and yes, a state that must be constructed, day the day, that demand an activity, and not a passivity. The boys who play of stand and grow behind money, find great difficulty in relation to its parents, if, when choosing its profession, not only chooses a profession is of the medical triangle, engineer, lawyer (said professions traditional), as they choose an artistic profession, poet for example. In the current days, we must teach to our children who the life is very bigger of what the history of the Cinderela and the 3 little pigs, and that all to coexist well when adult, the Cinderela cannot be nor good-looking borralheira and nor madame, and that the magic prince can until existing, but that real man, who has conflicts, loves, suffers and cries, are much more interesting.