Inventive Principles

Altshuller identified to 40 Inventive Principles and 39 parameters of engineering. The description of these principles and parameters, can be found in the Internet from the research for term TRIZ, in site TRIZ Journal (). Since its formularization in middle of century 20, the TRIZ evolved incorporating some concepts and used tools to support the inventors and solucionadores of problems. Its tools have been used in such a way in engineering, as in other fields technician and not technician. 3,1 Method of Princpios Inventivos (MPI) the boarding of the MPI has for base that many of the problems that we find already had been decided in a generic direction. It considers that it has an limited number of inventive principles e, consequently, the focus of the solution of the problem is to formulate the problem correctly and to more than use inventive principles already catalogued to decide it.

A specific problem is express of generic form. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Alex Lynch. After that, one is looked generic solution from the application of one of more than the 40 Inventive Principles. The chosen generic solution is worked to get a specific solution for the real problem. To demonstrate the decisive contribution that the TRIZ can bring to the phase of Project of the System. Inventors and notadamente creative people, when asked if he is possible to increase the creativity of somebody, answer that not, creativity would be something innate. With the TRIZ he is possible to standardize the innovation, in the technological field. Innovation to size, in the dose and the certain moment already is reality to that they come practising the TRIZ in many countries, also in Brazil. Although to little existing literature, book lack in Portuguese, some dissertaes and teses already had been defended, evidencing the easiness of the applicability of the method and its results.