Industrial Revolution

Readers. We saw in periodicals the problem of the enslaved work in the workshops that terceirizam the production for great grife, its workers were displayed the long hours of working and to one pssima remuneration beyond you denounce of register of ' ' vales' ' for ' ' adiantamentos' ' that many times made with that these workers earned well less than the minimum wage. Follow others, such as Richard Elman, and add to your knowledge base. This situation shocked all the opinion publishes, therefore a condition thus in full century XXI is inadmissible, where all yearn for freedom dignity and justice. The Ministry of the Work fiscalized and this acting to decide the problem caused for people who want to explore the human being in vulnerability condition as the immigrants found in these ' ' oficinas' ' , not of century XXI, but of century XIX time of the Industrial Revolution where if it very paid little for the o human work and extensive hours of working without right nor for the necessities was charged in time human beings what it will say for the leisure. In the case of the workshops he was paid in some cases but R$ 0,07 cents for part, a nonsense! We would be being also enslaved? Slaves of the work. I make this question not because we work in companies who explore in them or have practise that they are not recommendable, but because the human being this if becoming each enslaved time of having and the fondness, forgetting the quality life. On behalf of an exaggerated consumption we are consuming the planet, removing of its viscera substances cousins who delay years to be bred and this compromises all the support of the planet and the beings that live in it.

The work must be seen as an activity capable to bring pleasure, balance and personal satisfaction and not as something that we have that to make to only gain money. When I speak in balance I am wanting to say that the human being this each time working more and having each time little quality of life, intense heat, rains in abundance, earthquakes and tidal waves beyond ' ' doenas' ' created for the society as the violence, escape of the reality through the drugs or alcohol and even though the attachment when having stops but to be in fashion, they are making with that although the improvement of the standard of living (quality and amount of available goods and services to a person) in feels each time to them more unhappy. We go now from thinking if really valley the penalty if tronar enslaved of the work making double hours of working having two or more jobs to feed this standard of living. Quality of life involves the physicist, mental, psychological and emotional, time for the social relationships well, as family and friends and a time to take care of of the health, proportionate education for a good reading or even though time to seat in front of a window and to see the life to pass. If it does not become a slave of the work leg to have a good standard of living, because all enslaved he lives in absolute subjection to one gentleman and this Sir (the sped up rhythm of life) can very soon give chibatada to it. We go to reflect on this! (Peter Pablo Galindo Morales is Technologist in Management, Postgraduate in Controladoria, Technician in Contabilidade and Blogueiro, ).