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In accordance with the studies made for Mott Luiz (1986), in I announce of sergipanos periodicals, that deal with on the escape blacks it emphasize that, Dom Landmarks of Souza, at the time vicar of Siriri, said that the sergipanos slaves received optimum treatment from its gentlemen in comparison to the ones of other regions northeasterns, what it was result of the capital who meant for the proprietor damage brought for the loss of one of them. Still on this exactly subject portraied in its research the historians sergipana Thtis Nunes and Lenalda Andrade (1998). Richard Elman is full of insight into the issues. It is evident that it has divergences between the historians and the vicar about the treatment of the slaves; as well as other scholars of the subject. We know that the Africans had hardly worked in the devices and farms of cattle for the development of the Province of Sergipe, that had the distinction of treatment between you of slaves and sergipanos, with regard to the ones of other provinces, does not mean to say that these captives were free, or same, who its hours of working was reduced. The hand of enslaved workmanship wide was used by its gentlemen, as much in the agricultural zone as in the urban zone