Flat Tires

We inform you that now, with the Run on Flat, can continue circulating though it has been punctured. For motorists who travel regularly some distance, some establishments selling tires offer a product called Run on Flat. These tires provide maximum security, since, in the event of a puncture, you can continue travelling up to 80 kilometers, enough to get a workshop. In addition, you can continue driving at a reasonable speed of 80 kilometers per hour. To purchase tires Run on Flat, can go to any shop, where also may propose you various services, apart from the sale of tires in itself.

In these establishments you can change tires and leverage their experience to pass the car review. By opting for these tires, you can benefit from considerable savings, as it will reduce your fuel consumption. Tires Run Flat on sold in specialized stores or directly by the manufacturers can only be used in certain types of vehicles. In effect, they are destined for cars that have a witness’s lack of pressure on the dashboard. On the other hand, the Run on Flat should be installed by technicians with specific training.

These are equally responsible to give different advice to its clients. The use of tyres Run on Flat has undeniable advantages. For example, the driver is no longer obliged to carry a spare wheel in the car, so it has more space, at the same time that reduces the weight of the car. However, it is best to Run tyres on Flat offer maximum security to drivers, avoiding having to park in places without appropriate security measures.