Executive Direction

PRODFOR – Integrated program of Development and Qualification of Suppliers, representing a joint action with the main companies established in the Espirito Santo to promote the development and the qualification of its suppliers. (PRODFOR, 2009) Analysis of the Direction and Management the Consultoria identified certain resistance of the Direction in such a way admitting structural changes of the automotivo market how much in the segment retail of autopeas. Although, it in recent years had science of overhead of the company in this niche of market and of the loss of competitiveness face the competition. Valley to detach that, the degree of delegation and the type of control exerted on the part of the management followed the standards of the segment of market, characterized as traditional and centraliser. The management in its majority was composed for individuals whose academic level age 2 degree (average education). the control exerted to the subordinate if basically gave for the affinity and/or influence in the group. PRACTICAL STRATEGICAL IN THE ENTERPRISE ENVIRONMENT STRATEGICAL IMPLEMENTATION the Executive Direction of the Group delegates the following lines of direction for the Unit Retail of Autopeas Gamma: To integrate the retail segment with the too much business-oriented Strategical Units of the Group; To fortify the relation between the commerce and services of installation and assembly of parts and accessories; To reorganize wallets of customers, in order to guarantee more dinamicidade and focus in strategical segments of customers; To guarantee more autonomy of the retail in contracts of negotiations of acquisition and sales of merchandises; To line up its Force of Sales to the trends and innovations of market; To supply to periodic training and recycling the members of the force of sales; To institute strategies of marketing with focus in the customer; To implement politics of fidelizao and captation of customers; To minimize costs and losses; The Unit Retail in accord with the Lines of direction of the Group starts to legalize from January of 2009 the pointed strategies, as well as implementing them and adapting them to the new reality, taking as base the following principles: Values that pass to guide the actions of the Unit Retail: To search the continuous and sustainable growth of the businesses with generation objective and maintenance of job and income.