Erotic Lifestyle From Berlin – Black Riders

Collection ‘LAmour’: noble blindfolds for most sensual moments a bit of luxury was US granted! Devotion brings Edin Dammika of for black rider the darkness with style with the collection. Which embody for the most part, an extraordinary mix of materials and color variations reflect the designer’s personal credo Edin dam again. As leather is decorated with Swarovski crystals or cowhide nappa with Fox Fur result as an exciting variation in feel and color and are just as diverse and dynamic as himself. All black Horseman design masks are worked delightfully soft, fully opaque, comfortable and ideally adjust to the contours of the face. “Devoted to style is the subject of the company of Black Rider”, design to design the other, which is experiencing great passion. Luxury and passion meet and give Couture black riders a distinctive, own handwriting and become real Hinguckern.Durch the cooperation of two exceptional people created something wonderful.

The passion to exclusive gift ideas and noble Black Rider and Edin Dammika brought materials on the idea to create something together. Who wants to decorate his lovemaking with individual Couture, here is the right address. The collection of L’Amour”is a combination of seduction and sensual opulence. Creations result from Fox or silk, nappa and tip a luxurious addition to the lovemaking. All blindfolds are available in limited edition Black Horseman online store, as well as selected partner shops. The philosophy of black rider couture is to create something useful, rather to give a luxurious bed lovemaking with mysterious and trendy accessories.

Love real eye-catchers have become different materials (velvet, silk, fur, etc.) from simple blindfolds, which now require a joyful audience! Lust – purple faux fur with nose section. Worked wonderfully soft, fully opaque, comfortable and ideally adapts to the contours of the face. Passion – bluish fur of precious – black silk satin embroidered with black sequins. Submission – black silk satin fabric on front and back. Front panel with white tip refined. Black cord was incorporated into the seam edge. This runs along the back of the head to the decorative lacing. On the sides, a hand-embroidered black sequined flower has been processed each. Devotion – luxury blindfold of black nappa leather, which was processed with many genuine Swarovski crystals. The inner side by a very soft leather is comfortable to wear. It is completely opaque and very convenient. Envious eyes are guaranteed the bearer or the carrier. Desire – anyone looking for that special and unique that will bring true luxury in the love game with this ensemble. Blindfold and handcuffs from genuine Fox Fur and cowhide nappa leather worked. Edin dam shows an interesting and not often seen in the scene style and material mix in this creation. This creation is to get exclusive rider only in black.