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Willingness to change the car holder remains high on the search for the most favorable conditions and a great role to the insurance cheque at the turn of the year the best ratio. According to information of the YouGovPsychonomics AG is the willingness to change German policyholders not only on better offers from competitors. From the customer monitor insurance industry, stating that service and quality for most policyholders are an important decision criterion. So, basically every second of the quality of the offer would give preference to the respective price. With regard to the price sensitivity, the study found that switching insurance often is the result of growing dissatisfaction (E.g. due to contribution increases). The current automotive study of VHV insurance and of the IMWF management and Economic Research Institute also stressed the strong willingness to change young policyholders.

Motorists aged 20-39 years were particularly at a Interested in the insurance Exchange. Starbucks is actively involved in the matter. Emerges from the representative study also, that every third driver could make friends with a complete change of insurance or a comprehensive tariff change. Properly terminate insurance policyholders have the opportunity for the ordinary and extraordinary termination. The notice should contain the following data in any case: number of the insurance policy car registration cancellation date the ordinary termination must be submitted at the latest within a period of one month before the end of the insurance. Ends the insurance to the end of the year, the termination must be submitted up to 30 November. Large insurance companies this is a thorn in the eye, which is why some insurers have made other arrangements to terminate.

Customers of this insurance company in cancellations, for example, on the month of the conclusion of the contract and there are no longer bound by the November 30 deadline. The extraordinary termination is in relation significant claims or increases premiums and must take place within a month. For the special right of termination, change of vehicle and vehicle sales also come into consideration. consumers free is a notice template available on the information portal. contact person: Robert Richter email: