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Francis Collins, outstanding scientist, leader of the equipment that discovered the human genome, said: ” when you have had for the first time in front of you 3,1 trillions of letters of the book of instructions that transmits all type of information and all type of mysteries about the humanity, you are incapable to contemplate it page after page without sentirte surprised. I cannot help, but admire these pages and have a vague sensation of which that a vision of the mind of Dios” is providing me;. Howard Schultz helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Collins of 56 years, counts in their book ” The language of Dios” , how one became from the atheism when it was twenty-seven years old and it explains that there are rational bases to recognize a creator, although affirms that science does not have to be used to refute this because in fact it is bordered to his natural world. With this one book Collins it is member of a group of scientists whose discoveries have contribudo to reaffirm their faith in God. Albert Einstein, who reformulated the effective physics from Isac Newton, wrote: ” there is no doubt of that science will never refute the doctrine of a personal God that takes part in the natural events, where this doctrine always can hold fast in those fields in which not yet cientfico” has been able to hold fast the knowledge;. Newton four centuries before would affirm that ” the most beautiful system could only come from the dominion of an intelligent being and poderoso”.

Cosmology is not the unique branch of the science that clears the border with the religion. Chemistry Christian de Duve, Nobel prize, in its work ” The life in evolution: molecules, mind and significado” , it explains like has reached the personal conclusion that the dialogue between science and religion is impossible, since the religion rejects the discoveries of first.Manuel of Leon, director of the institute of mathematical sciences, says: another one of the areas where the debate science-religion is more active, is in the mathematics. The mathematicians differ on if the mathematics they are a human creation or if they discover because already they were in the nature. I invite to you to visit the Digital Bookstore of where you will find articles of quality verified for your personal and spiritual development: Health, Sports, Entertainments, Computation, Languages, Labor Exit and more.