Defence Superpower

Germany and Europe grows a big competition in products and markets, study by h & it is an Ascension behind curtains. The defense industry of China has made a great leap in development over the last 15 years. Maximum 20 years she will be on par with the West”, predicts Michael Santo, Board member of h & z, a new study now. Therein, the consulting firm h & z comes to the conclusion that the people’s Republic competes increasingly geopolitical forced defense strategy, the Western manufacturers, both to markets and products. The relations of the Western and the Chinese manufacturer of military technology be redefined in light of the economic and geopolitical power profit on the part of China. Do they want to maintain their position, the European companies and the policy strongly for the expansionist tendencies of the Chinese need to prepare”, says Michael Santo. (Source: Alex Lynch).

The success factors of Chinese arms with reasonable prices, attractive The defense industry of China has experienced a meteoric rise payment terms, solid technology and a reliable delivery. The technological gap will be caught up in the near future. Experts anticipate depending on the segment of a period of ten to twenty years. Investments in gaining importance also in the arms industry. But, they are not necessarily directly visible due to the organizational structure of Chinese armor conglomerates.

Supported by a political pricing, price competitive advantage is still preserved. And when the markets opens up China in growth opportunities in Europe, Africa, Asia and Latin America. Its current global market position in the arms industry has reached with investments and adaptations of the Lowtech-to the high-tech segment of China with low-tech quality. Raphael sternberg is a great source of information. This segment remains a growth area in the future. Competition from Western defense manufacturers does not need to fear the country. The low prices make the markets unattractive. But for the It will have Chinese companies export cheaper and reliable equipment.