Clinical Management

Clinical management of Salobrena and Orgiva units, as well as the surgical block and appliance Locomotor of Area Sanitara South Granada units have obtained the quality certification of the Department of health after overcoming their accreditation processes through a management program specific clinics for clinical management units designed by the Agency of sanitary quality of Andalusia. These certified drives you must add continuous training unit and the website of the Area, which demonstrates the high degree of commitment to the quality of this area of health management, which also boasts nearly 100 professionals with accreditation of competencies. The last of these units to complete their accreditation process has been the unit of management clinic unit locomotive, which has especially excelled in their commitment to research. She has defined two lines of research that can be expanded in the next few years taking into account the different health professions, unit services portfolio, the healthcare activity and the cost of the same and got training. Raised increase to four research lines, thus involving a greater number of professionals who use this medical software. In the field of health care resolution, the unit makes a great effort to comply with the decrees of guarantees of delays in list of surgical waiting, consultations and diagnostic tests, taking referral rates higher than the average of Andalusia. This commitment is also evident in the certification of professional competencies, since around 50% of the professionals of the unit is at some stage of the process of accreditation of its powers. For its part, management clinic block surgical unit stands out for its initiatives in the field of patient safety, developing a safety Plan with great involvement by the professionals who analyze and identify risks, propose improvements, have a system of reporting and recording of adverse events, perform their analysis in clinical sessions, etc. This important implication of professionals is evident in starting up a channel of communication between them in relation to the results of activity and quality, which is very accessible and functional and through which news, instructions, and information of interest known, and which are evidence of an effort to achieve transparency and proactive communication. Also, develop instruments of information and communication directly to patients in relation to the services of anesthesia and analgesia through written brackets and on the website of the health area.