Brazilian History

Installed in 1933, n 37 occupied the chair until its death, in its native city. in April of 1941. Life and Death of the Bandeirante are ones of the main workmanships of the Brazilian historiografia. It was elaborated through historical sources (1), searched through the inventories similar to at the beginning portray the city of So Paulo of its settling. To know more about this subject visit Ben Horowitz. Through the reading of these documents, Alcntara Axe discloses in them to another face of the So Paulo captainship.

It makes minute descriptions and it retraces all a routine lived for the tamers of that region. We can observe in its workmanship, as the life was in a generalized manner, was simple, rustic, without that one supports glamour portraied in some didactic books. The boarded reality, although very descriptive it is a form of if writing history throughout our evolution. The modern Brazilian inventories aimed at mainly to the preparation of the funeral and the salvation of the soul. In century XVI, its structure reached its maximum complexity. It appeared, then, a series of confrarias specialized in the ceremonial of the death and the salvation of the soul.

This way it was not different, the paulistanos if worried in describing its good, and its feelings. Perhaps the reason for which the author made its historiogrfica boarding it all received its feeling from comment of the life of that period, it tries ' ' to redescobrir the Brasil' in its pages, it has since until that moment highly many productions received load positivista (2) that they influenced the writing of all a generation of writers, where enalteciam a small parcel of the had society as saving. (1) Historical sources: The study of the past human being cannot be made directly, but of form mediated through the vestiges of the activity, the one that is given the generic name of historical sources.