Brazilian Enterprise

Recently edited the Law n. 12.441/2011, beyond creating new modality (new figure) in the Enterprise Right, also modified diverse devices of the Civil Code, namely: Art. 44. They are legal people of private law: I – the associations; II – the societies; III – the foundations. IV – the religious organizations; V – the political parties. VI – the individual companies of limited responsibility.(Enclosed for the Law n 12,441, of 2011) (Validity) 1o Is free the creation, the organization, the internal estruturao and the functioning of the religious organizations, being forbidden to the public power to deny recognition or register to them of the constituent and necessary acts to its functioning. 2o the concernentes disposals to the associations is applied subsidiarily to the societies that are object of Book II of the Special Part of this Code. 3o the political parties will be organized and will function as the made use one in specific law.

Article 44 of the Civil Code backwards the roll of the legal people, is observed that it was contemplated by the inclusion of interpolated proposition V, that creates the figure of the individual companies of limited responsibility. Ahead of the inclusion of the interpolated proposition ' ' V' ' in article 44 of the Civil Code, the new Heading, being introduced &#039 was created; ' HEADING I-A' ' (OF the LIMITED COMPANY OF RESPONSABILDADE) in Book II, and for way of consequence the introduction of the ARTICLE 980-A, that it regulates the new bred enterprise figure. Important to emphasize that the new institute created, entrepreneur cannot be considered (individually considered), not even society. HEADING I It (Enclosed for the Law n 12,441, of 2011) (Validity) OF the INDIVIDUAL COMPANY OF LIMITED RESPONSIBILITY Art. 980-A. The individual company of limited responsibility will be constituted by an only titular person of the totality of the capital stock, duly integrated, that will not be inferior the 100 (one hundred) times the greater effective wage-minimum in Country.