Bobby Gartner

He is barely endure it with joy, but have it. He knows now, he may only “play”, if you ask him to do so. He thus showed so far painfully kept still, respect, then ask him, by dropping the toys between him and themselves (like an old bone). He wants now to go, followed by your immediate “no!” Thus, you double check that he may only act if you allow him. This control supports also other “Submissions”. Credit Access will not settle for partial explanations. After a respectful pause, in which he irritated it doesn’t work, because he was allowed to take the initiative so far, then can always still.

You can test your dog by you almost turn their back on him, do so as if you would no longer control him. He tried it of course. Error. You go around and say ‘No!’. Confirm that your ban. He then saves after these repeated tests: I cannot (yet).

So I wait until my boss allows it. Are you sure that he has internalized your ban, then ask him about the game. He will accept your offer then even greater and more respectfully. Let (still with him on the ground) it here briefly in silence with the toy. Read more here: raphael sternberg. Then you end the game. You whistle “off” the game, are still on the ground, now take toys on – and get rid of these. He makes sure take the toy and praise him, but only briefly. He will learn this terse praise (“good”) to take seriously. Again he may never win back the toy. The thing is taken and discarded. With the intention of getting to the same place. And he remains taboo for the dog. During the whole action is not only Petting, above all: not a hug! A dog ordered rank will be always a balanced. Detailed information under: “Secrets of successful dog training” by Bobby Gartner.