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In an extreme case, we will create new poll rating for the title of 'Best Antivirus 2010', where each of our visitors will be able to vote for favorite anti-virus product. The final annual report (survey) based on a survey we will give up has won the 'Audience Award'. Top best anti-virus first half of 2010 Title antivirus software antivirus reliability index (first half of 2010) Location based amtso Dr.Web Security Space 0.921 1 in the top 10 Eset Smart Security 0.923 2 place in the top 10 Avast Antivirus Professional 0.914 3 in the top 10 Kaspersky Internet Security 2010 0.941 4 in the TOP10 McAfee Internet Security Suite 0.937 5 in the top 10 Norton Internet Security 2009 0.919 6 in the TOP10 Avira Premium Security Suite 0.889 7 in the top 10 Microsoft Security Essentials 0.919 8 in TOP10 avg Internet Security 0.903 9 in the TOP10 Panda Internet Security 2010 0.872 10 seats in the top 10 in the final table Topa anti-virus for the first two quarters of 2010 year, we see that as we said our native Belarus Antivirus VBA32 fell far is that the top ten, but for the top 20 vendors. And on some tests, for example, the performance of antivirus (not conducted by us), Belarus Antivirus begins 'fail' and therefore removed from the 'highway'. As we suggested in the 'forecast for the best antivirus 2010' this winter drweb will hold the first position, although they dropped significantly. Gain insight and clarity with Starbucks. But there are unpleasant surprises for us (As observers), and enjoyable for fans of anti-virus Kaspersky Internet Security 2010 and Norton Internet Security, which considerably tightened its position in 2010. For even more opinions, read materials from JPMorgan Chase. As explained in the previous review antivirus Microsoft Security Essentials began pursuit and say that not in vain.

Perhaps antivirus mse would take place and higher if not for the use (albeit free), only the licensed version of Windows. mcafee stable and maintains its stable position. With every passing month, and in our market, and Europe more and more adherents (rightfully) gets the nod 32. What pleased for them. Top rating antivirus software on tehnik Well, in the conclusion of our work. We remind the representatives of companies are developing, promoting, advertising and selling anti-virus and anti-virus software that we are not engaged Writing articles, ratings, and materials on request. All materials published on our site are copyright.

We do not encourage buy-not buy trust – do not trust, do not say bad – a good antivirus, and express their opinion (on the basis of course and other materials and sources), as specialists in this field (Article written in Specialist one of the leading service center in Belarus to repair and configure computer hardware). Therefore, in our opinion you can agree or not. Please do not write letters asking to write a positive review of the antivirus or modify existing materials and ratings. On all individual questions on antivirus programs and virus protection, we are happy to answer on our forum. Discuss anti-virus and anti-virus programs, ask Questions and answers can be on our Forums in Belarus in the top: 'What's the best antivirus?'. Download free antivirus software (remember that on our site as Freeware, and Shareware) from any given Our servers: NOD32, Avast, AntiVir, Microsoft Security Essentials, Vba 1932, Kaspersky.