Applied Sciences Rene Hileyn

Germany is located in the heart of Europe. A modern, cosmopolitan country in which is formed by a variety of styles and truly different ethno-cultural traditions. After the U.S. and Japan, Germany ranks third in the world the economy and industry. To deepen your understanding Rob Crossland is the source. All of these factors and the quality of German education, particularly in the areas of research, attract students as a good opportunity to conduct research in Germany. Many students come to Germany with the help of our company Studentur (Studentur).

Recently, a conference of the German higher education students in Chennai surprised the quality of education provided. Most of those who attended the conference, clearly understood the reason for admission to German universities. "Education in Germany, especially when it comes to science and research, is superb." Said Officer Scientific research company Ershad NA "Germany is world champion in engineering fields such as electronics, mechatronics, mechanics and automotive." says the graduate of the Faculty of Mechanical Avinash. 'Higher education in Germany is much cheaper than the U.S. or the UK.

According to CEO Studentur (Studentur) Dmitry Sapozhnikov early education in Germany was free, but now some universities charge a fee. Despite the fact that the price depends on the university and from state to state, it is still much less than in other countries, "said Deputy Director of Technology at the University of g.Klaustal Astrid Abel. (GSO) University of Applied Sciences Rene Hileyn added: "Most classes are held at universities in Germany, in German. Therefore, knowledge of German is required.