What is an anecdote, which easily transforms ordinary into fantastic, impossible into real, top to bottom, the absolute into a relative, but does not create new myths and hierarchy, or cast doubt? Answer to this question is difficult to easy and difficult at the same time. Let’s try to understand. On the one hand anecdote – a simple, often primitive short story of everyday life, on the other hand – subject of thorough investigations leading philologists, philosophers, anthropologists and psychologists. Anecdote considering the facts in the perspective of everyday life, where everything is constantly changing, accumulates at each other and without a trace disappears. Anecdote does not make the facts in value, certainly not “appreciate” the subject of his narrative, as narrated only need to laugh at him. If the anecdote is of some value, it is primarily all – an illusion. The ultimate goal of jokes – the laughter and the particular pleasure, which he calls, rather than truth itself.

Laughter for a joke – it’s his right to a future life. Read more here: Shumway Capital. Other rights it does not. Researchers say that modern historical anecdotes emerged as the stories about the funny side of life the famous and great people. Anecdote continuously equalizes their heroes from ordinary people, depriving them of a hill, put in place, ie Descends from heaven on earth. Even the gods have lost their status, becoming the subject of collective fun. Heaven and hell have become common place of anecdotes. An anecdote and does not think to revive the Gods.