Action – Online And Offline Connect Facebook Facebook action online and offline together combine to create the connection between the classic offline presence at trade fairs and the online presence, digital elements must be installed in the exhibition system. The digital content must be always sent using technical devices as intermediary medium. Through the flexible design, monitor or terminal systems can be installed at any time and serve as interface between real and virtual worlds. The content of this link can be varied. has used two of the fairs on the Hitmeister e-commerce Day in Cologne and Internet world in Munich, to promote its own Facebook fan page. Together with a special fan campaign Steve Jobs biography as an audiobook was provided for any fan of the platform. Once the like me “button is pressed, the download of the biography was possible.” The action brought over 600 new Facebook fans

The action not only at the two fairs, was parallel but in the LA announced CONCEPT service newsletter. The Cologne production agency LA CONCEPT behind the project With the separate platform, the range of the mobile exhibition stands can be presented attractively and comprehensively. The Facebook campaign is a nice reference for the skilful combination of on – and offline appearances that leave a lasting impression and adds on top still value the target group. Of course it is worth without the Audiobook of the community to join and to become informed about the latest fair trends. Learn all about and.