Successful escape from hauslicherGewalt new appeared in the October 2009 Gabriele Remscheid, born in 1964, published the book in October 2009. Broken fetters”successful escape from domestic violence, telling their way from childhood in the domestic violence of their fight is to liberate and to lead a happy life. A recurrent theme of lack of acceptance runs through their lives. Rejected as a child by his father, various relations condemned to failure until they ultimately the man finds which is available to you. Gave her the courage broken shackles”to write and publish.

Already during the development, Gabriele began to make contacts, to publishers, became acquainted with other writers. In many communities, she met people who were also affected by the issue of domestic violence, or in the environment, people knew who also have experienced it. Thanks to the help that flattering ( got it through radio, the book was much faster ready as originally planned. Through their hobby, moderator Radio flattering, she got contact with Rudolf Albrecht. Thanks to its program w7400_cms, Gabriele was first able to fashion an appealing website. Because unlike many others, this program of Albrecht computer in Dorsten assumes knowledge no HTML.

Mr Albrecht, banner designed the first. The photos had to be readjusted for the author a delicate situation. Although she knew the people turned for the images available, she had a queasy feeling in this task. One of the images which arose in this context, is the cover image from busted bonds today. But it was a long way from the image to cover. Myself Gabriele didn’t get to this, and again Albrecht had to believe EDP. Their ideas, Mr. Albrecht conjured up this successful cover. 2009 was a successful year for Gabriele. Their work for radio flattering, since summer by the way integration radio with at least 50% motivated disabled moderators, to drive them forward the publication. She left by the closure of the publishing house, where She was under contract not discourage them, but took the opportunity to bring the book now even earlier on the market. What is Gabriele Remscheid with this publication for a target? She want other sufferers to show that can free themselves of the violence. There is a life after the violence. She admits that there is no easier way that even today still not all consequences of this time took them. But she is hopeful a life eventually without cause too many restrictions. Broken fetters successful escape from domestic violence books on demand ISBN 978-3-8391-2873-2, paperback, 200 pages Gabriele Remscheid