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Outside Attorney Veterans base, It promotes the Junior ROTC in their working hours by Eugenio Hopgood D vila / ehopgood elnuevodia.com The veteran prosecutor, Jorge Mas Marrero, admitted yesterday that devotes part of your working hours to encourage public schools to integrate military training program Army Junior ROTC (JROTC). See Marrero, a retired Army colonel, failed to answer how these efforts for military education are part of his duties as Attorney Veterans. “For me it’s easy,” he said. “Many years ago I’m involved with the ROTC program, I was a military science professor and director of the ROTC …these programs help prevent dropouts, to develop leaders and to teach English, “he said. But has indicated that it had met the Education Secretary Carlos Chardon, on the subject and headteachers as Chardon told her she had to propose programs directly from schools. On the authority he had to devote his time to this effort said: “We must have the authority to take our time to address this because children are the future.” He confessed that making approaches for JROTC “in my time and during my work hours and have no problem with that.” Whether breach of its duty to give 100 for veterans, said: “I do not see well, in contrast, invest in the future.” For its part, the psychologist Sonia Santiago, leader of Mothers Against the War, urged Attorney Veterans to dedicate himself to addressing the problems of Puerto Rican veterans instead of “promoting militarism in childhood. “We question whether the attorney knows that part of its mission is not put military recruiter’s hat,” added Santiago. “They say they do not recruit, but encourage the children to see the military as a positive.We call the principals, parents and teachers not to allow this in our schools, “he said. http://www.elnuevodia.com/fueradebaseelprocuradordelveterano-581646.html