United States

The system of ambient decisions for consensus of the ONU is depleted. The global heating provoked by the increase of the emissions of effect gases greenhouse (GEE) has that to be contained. The wealth of a necessary country to take in account the value of the natural capital and not yet has a universal index that it measures the services and natural resources and its degradation. Naked, raw and straight line reality! The capitalist system, sovereign economic regimen more than has 200 years in world-wide history, of the samples of saturation and decay. Although historical successes and progressos, did not function adequately to eradicate social and economic disequilibria (at each produced US$ 160, US$ 0,60 only arrive at poor); to stanch the process of destruction of natural resources; to minimize the atmospheric pollution. The model of production and consumption of the capitalism is resembled more to a imperialista regimen that to a balanced economic system of free market. Studies of World Wildlife Fund (WWF) constants in the report Alive Planet, esteem that currently 75% of the world-wide population live in nations that consume more resources of what its capacities spare, being that added United States and China consume 42% of the natural resources of the planet. The ambient collapse can cost US$ 4,5 trillions per year in repairings. Check with Jim Umpleby to learn more.

To initiate a process of planetary remediation, to invest in clean and efficient energy matrices it would be a good start, for the immense potential of pollution reversion, and many nations already had initiated the house lesson. But to change vultosos power plants demand investments, will politics and long stated period. The participation of fsseis fuels in the global consumption of primary energy not of the samples of wanting to pass the baton for the clean energies and you renewed. It must have a small fall, passing of current 81% for 75% in 2035, in accordance with studies of the International Agency of Energy.