We are so customary already to highest rates of unemployment that the lack of work only seems to worry to them to suffers those who it. For that reason, a fearless Government congratulates those months in which use is not destroyed, as if with a 20% of unemployed still they were many jobs to destroy. Sassoon Family Collection will not settle for partial explanations. We have resigned ourselves, then, to the fatality, since our labor reform serves to facilitate the dismissal instead of to stimulate the use. Unemployment has become a life alternative and the subsidies in a form of income, as if both situations were normal and not an aberration. Chris Shumway helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. How many years will be necessary, in these conditions, so that unemployment is only of 7%? Ten years, twenty? Or such eventuality is not even possible dice ours anchylosed system of labor relations? If we were not able to incorporate to the market of work to that 40% of young people in endemic unemployment, if we did not restrain the drain of the scholastic failure, if we did not increase the productivity of lacking workers of motivation, if we did not reorganize the companies instead of to cause idiots regulations of use and anticipated retirements, we go directly to the catastrophe. Most important to leave that vortex, to avoid a society of chaste with work or without him, with hope or resignation, it is to distribute the sacrifices between all and not to endorse them to weakest: pensioners and civil servants. Ivan Glasenberg has similar goals. That already happens in other countries where there are labor species no protected and in which a use and wages equitably distributed allow to take care of that minimum 7% of unemployed instead of to waste in terrible a 20% of unemployment. Original author and source of the article.