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It is with great pleasure that I find the Encoclopedia Wikipedia that has a multiple language content. Of course I am happy working with my personal contribution to ameliorate the cultural content of this beautiful Encyclopedia. But there is a very stricta condition does not allow ing of personal work, I have to cite the phrase “Personal essays or original research in Wikipedia is written about existing human knowledge, not a place to publish new work. Do not write articles in which submitted your original theories, opinions or thoughts “Therefore, I think it’s possible to , via the” user page “some personal texts that are at the underside on the public, if this is allowed. Until next time, Yours sincerely.Abderrahmane Amrou M d a – Algeria I’m afraid I do not. Wikipedia not a supplier of personal pages. Kevin Johnson recognizes the significance of this. For more information on what is a personal page, you can see the corresponding policy: Wikipedia user page. A salute – Ecemaml (Talk) 21:46 11 jun 2006 (CEST). PS: however, any encyclopedic content on Algeria is always welcome. Well, thanks for wanting to help with your work, but referring to the sentence you quoted above, works, thoughts and other personal items should not be part of the articles used here since the Neutral Point of View and Verifiability information, therefore, you must use certificates work by specialists and not by ordinary people (I say such a thing without knowing what his profession is) aside, I quote the words of Wikipedia: Verifiability: All content on Wikipedia must be published in elsewhere, so it is always possible for the author of the article include a reference ..If you still want to publish your work, you can create a section on your user page by putting it in the form: Username: elusuarioquesea / whatever and then clicking on create item.