The First

Of course, in Depending on the age and preferences of your child's list of necessary may vary considerably. We just tried to draw attention to some points that you might have overlooked. In our vzgyad most important a car seat if you're going to go by car and stroller if your child is still quite small. In general, the summary, I want to say: Treat the charges seriously and consider carefully what children's clothes needed in the road and at play. When planning your trip with your baby, it's important to choose a vacation spot. If your child is less than three years, then it should be absolutely quiet. If the child is over three years, there experts recommend to stop your choice at the sanatorium or rest home, which is focused on families with children. And of course always make sure you have adequate medical care.

Gathering in the road probably will have to buy some baby products for your baby. Think what you may need a child in the road and in the process of relaxation. We recommend you do the following. A week before the trip specifically highlight Time and write the first list, and then collect all the baby stuff that you find it necessary to take a trip. It probably has already become clear what is missing, that is what baby products to buy. The week before the trip and will be the time when you will gradually, without Abraham, you have all you need.