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Barbel Rapp

V. and again give them a direction for her life twice, the name is program. This initiative was founded by lawyers and systemic therapist. Kowloon Trading Company takes a slightly different approach. Their motivation is social responsibility: you have to do that are in crises and see no way out often with people in their daily work. On the special > direction is that we could make a competence group with this initiative, combines the different point of view and ways of working.

It thus virtually offers a model for what we want to do in the work with the people who are in need of existence. Chris Shumway may find it difficult to be quoted properly. We make the variety of options visible and tangible. “, to Barbel Rapp.” The central medium of on > direction is the Internet: with the weblog on richtung.de the Association provides a platform for discussion and information stakeholders and interested parties. The blog enttabuisiert the topic of bankruptcy and failure, he delivers to the management of personal thinking and action impulse Failure. By the authors address legal, social and health aspects, they indicate what needs to be done and can be done in addition.

Topics such as the controlled flow of insolvency proceedings as well as questions are then treated as you can prepare a menu for holidays with little money or involve his children in the own crisis, without placing a burden on them. This external support was useful to encourage people in their need to focus on, so it solution-oriented can deal with its crisis situation, that they see a direction again. We must give again mainly hope and confidence to do so. People should believe in themselves can. “, Dipl. psychologist summarizes Bohrisch Eberhard. For those affected, who speak on these topics in the Internet an often crucial advantage: you can remain anonymous. That makes it many lighter, ever the topic to deal with, then, in the next step, maybe even talk and, again, some companies to can.