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The Hub

Through this, they better take sides load, but you must expect more wear and tear. The decisive factor for the longevity of ball bearings is the diagonal force constant torque, which in turn depends on the geometry and accuracy podhozhdeniya components, as well as from the torque of the central nut. The first generation of diagonal ball bearings were double-row type, and its external clip pressed into housing corresponding element of vehicle suspension. In an internal holder factory of wheel hub. Due to tolerances in the manufacture, improper torque and as a result of additional mechanical stresses wheel bearing of this type were subject to premature wear. Because of engineering for research and development was to reduce the number of stages during the mechanical assembly in a workshop that is to increase number of parts that are mounted directly on the job. This led to what was introduced integrated unit bearings. Learn more on the subject from XOM.

At the same time tightening the bearing accurately exposed during the manufacturing process and does not change operation. As such, the bearings are fed to the service station or repair shop. These modules contain elements of the hub or cage speed sensor system ABS. This generation stupichnyh bearings already in the series on many models. It has also been used frequently can be found embedded in the bearing housing of the magnetic elements, which will perform the role of polar ring sensor ABS. Lubricants. Means grease in the bearing (grease) is an essential structural element. Its objective is to reduce friction and corrosion and contamination effects of the environment.

Renault Logan

Remove the radiator system cooling. Detach from the thermostat housing, the exhaust pipe of the cylinder head and pipe water pump cooling system hoses. Ignition Coil Renault Logan free from harness pads wire engine management system, idling regulator, fuel injectors, solenoid valve and canister purge sensors: oxygen, detonation, and the absolute air pressure air temperature in the intake pipe, signaling the lack of oil pressure, coolant temperature, crankshaft position, throttle position. Allot wiring harnesses from the engine side. If the engine is supposed to be removed from the engine compartment up with a lifting device, you first need to remove the gearbox.

Raise the hood on the Renault Logan and hold it vertically position. Fasten the chain hoist to the engine mounts. Pulling the chain, we remove the stress from the engine, which had supported him when removing the gearbox. On the right pole of the power unit remove the holder canister purge tube and allot up to one side, remove the extension and turn away the two screws attaching the right support to the body. Before removing the engine, you need to check again that all hoses, pipes, wires disconnected from the engine and taken away.

With the help of winches raise and remove the engine from the engine compartment. If the work is done on a lift and remove the power unit down, the generator is not dismantled need – just unplug it from the wire. You can also disassemble the engine power steering pump and air conditioner compressor, and a disconnect from their pipes and hoses. When removing powertrain operations, instead of lifting gear must perform the following work. Remove the front wheel drive. Disconnect the cable from the drive clutch fork clutch mechanism and bracket on the gearbox. Disconnect the traction control transmission of the transmission shift rod. Disconnect the "mass" and the wire harness from the transmission. Remove the speed sensor. Detach block of wires from a light switch reverse. Set up under the engine and gearbox adjustable stops or sturdy table. Remove the right-hand pillar of the power unit. Turn away nut left support power unit to the bracket support. Remove the engine. Set the engine or power plant on Renault Logan in reverse order.

Forklift Trucks

It is hard to imagine a modern warehouse with no such car as a forklift. This type of machinery to effectively cope with the tasks of the movement of many types. Further expand the scope of forklifts You can use the attachment. On one of these extensions – forklift extension cords – the focus of this article. There are many reasons why the extension forks for forklift trucks are an indispensable tool for sites with large amounts of loading operations, such as a warehouse or other storage area. The main and the main reason is the possibility of lifting the overall length "legs" forklift. It is possible to lengthen the forks up to 50% -60% of maximum.

This allows the operator to cope with increased loads with a standard forklift. Longer forks mean that the subject raised at the wheel, has greater stability, and it is less likely to tip over during transport. Thereby reducing the chance of tipping load, you can increase the overall security of your forklift and reduce the likelihood of costly damage to a fallen load. There are enough different extensions for the fork truck, including the options of special shape, with square or round profile. These extensions designed for more stable movement of different cargoes. With the help of extension cords with round section, forklift can easily cope with bales and bales, and eliminate the possibility of relapse goods with standard forks. And with a triangular cross-section extensions forklift can cope with loads of unusual shape and move them safely.

Extension cords are made of twisted stainless steel with cast tips that would ensure the long term and reliable operation. Almost every forklift truck can be equipped with such extensions fork, and extension cords themselves can be installed very quickly. Set Extension forks on a forklift is quite simple. They are easy to place, sliding along the existing forks and securely fastened for safe operation. When extension cords are no longer needed, they are as fast and as easy to remove one person and are mounted on the forklift frame until the next use. In addition to the stability and flexibility that acquires forklift fork extensions during installation, you can buy polyurethane coating for the pitchfork, for their protection. These cases will help to hide the sharp corners of forks, thus minimizing the risk of damage to anything at the moment. At the same time it allows forklift to work with sensitive cargo. More on the topic can be found at loaders for all occasions