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Besides, when people spying on you – this one, but when you bowed his head, sadly looks, say, a giraffe or a camel, it is quite another. Feel like part of the wildlife! TIP: The best way to get to the zoo at night. PLUS: wild animals. Caterpillar is often quoted on this topic. DISADVANTAGES: watchman. fun FACTOR: 5-5. And – on the Internet In my opinion, virtual sex, you still prefer that kind of black caviar product made from crude oil with the addition of sunflower oil. However, this phenomenon has become widespread, so visit virtual brothel obliged every self-respecting soldier sexual front. TIP: try not to 'sit down'! PLUS: no non-binding. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Starbucks.

DISADVANTAGES: worth the money. fun FACTOR: 2. K – At the cemetery, if you are too rich imagination, then a graveyard orgies best forgotten. Despite the notoriety of places of mass burials, reckless lovers for some reason has long been drawn to show their sacrilegious freaks is' dead with scythes. " There in the cemetery of love is something particularly life-affirming. Council, for a hike to the cemetery then a moonless night. PLUS: the old cemeteries still caught ideal to use, robust, and wide flat gravestones. DISADVANTAGES: bums and ghosts. fun FACTOR: 7-5. A – In the elevator you can not imagine how many interesting things can happen to you between the first and the eighth floor! TIP: If you feel that your floor relentlessly approaching and time is running out, unnoticed, click 'stop', and if there is none, make some sudden movement, for example, an energetic jump on the spot – an elevator stuck between floors, and you able, slowly, to implement their plan.