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And now one of the most attractive for fashion followers of the materials is a natural animal fur. In fact, in our climate, where temperatures fall in a state up to minus 30 degrees Celsius, significantly purchase quality protection from the cold. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Electrolux. This protection, which is present in animals living in our climate zone. While the natural fur – is at the same time an indescribable variety of tones. The current season – this time, when the most attractive for the richest group of beaver fur, but also coats and hats of the chinchilla, lynx, marten.

At the same coat of arctic fox or beaver today are buying not only the fair sex, as well as boys. Besides being used by a huge demand for hats made of precious furs of animals. It's really very nice, plenty of hints, and also very warm. For a long time so it was that the coats mink in the national climate zone used constantly. Only that first coat worn with the fur inside. This made it much warmer coat.

And for this to be a fur coat and looked attractive, opposite direction covered with woven brocade, velvet or other fabrics easier. And the only collars (for the most part – from foxes) could have looked out on top. However, in the nineteenth century increasingly became coats made from fluffy part of the body. This kind of coat is slightly less warm, but understand how to protect from the wind. Especially considering that even then were already established different ways to improve the heat resistance of the odezhki. The present-day coat – this is sometimes original museum building. Designers and creators of fashion fight between each other for the opportunity to do things with such wonderful and is a win-win kind of material like animal fur. And by the way mink coats – this is not just everyday, but first and foremost, celebratory odezhka. Clothing that is designed for the most valuable of incidents in the life of any one of us. Not for nothing at all times, just a real fur coat was considered really important property: if the host or hostess present coat, then it certainly will be entered into, along with decorations. Today, fur is still a great gift that is not impossible to assess. Sleek and weightless fur from mink, chinchilla or sable may be to the liking of all tsenitelnitse fashion, and thus give the opportunity not only look great, but at the same time and in the greatest cold feel a pleasant warmth and convenience offered by the owner of such clothing. You want all-weather look and feel superbly? Get natural fur coats!