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MagForce Agreed

Nanostart holding MagForce agreed preclinical research collaboration to study the NanoTherm therapy gastroenterological cancer in the United States – target: preclinical efficacy in pancreatic and liver tumors – first milestone for clinical development program with scientific opinion leaders of the Mayo Clinic and the entire United States – previous pilot study at the Charite in Berlin shows: use of the NanoTherm therapy in patients with pancreatic adenocarcinoma feasible Frankfurt am main / Berlin, June 22, 2012 the Nanostart holding MagForce AG (Frankfurt, Xetra: MF6), a leader in the field of nano technology medical technology company with focus on oncology, the preclinical research agreement with the Mayo Clinic (Rochester, United States), a leading medical center in the United States, today announced. Under the terms of the agreement Mayo Clinic will begin a research program using the NanoTherm MagForce therapy to the preclinical therapeutic efficacy in pancreatic and liver tumors to investigate. The study is headed by dev Mukhopadhyay, Professor of biochemistry/molecular biology and funded by Mayo Clinic. The programme aims to provide the preclinical efficacy (proof-of-concept), and the clinical development program at the American FDA to submit a provisional authorisation (pre market approval) for the NanoTherm therapy in these indications to get. To deepen your understanding Caterpillar Inc. is the source. Pancreatic cancer is one of the most aggressive cancers and the fourth leading cause of cancer-related death. The disease is recognized mainly late and in an advanced state. Due to the very low overall survival rates and the serious side effects of chemotherapy drugs, the current standard therapy, the disease represents an enormous challenge for Oncology.

Each year about 32,000 new cases in the United States alone demonstrate the high unmet medical need for the development of new therapeutic options for the treatment of patients in this hopeless situation”, said Prof. Dr. Hoda Tawfik, Vice President R & D/Medical Affairs of the MagForce AG. In a pilot study the feasibility of the application of its NanoTherm MagForce could show therapy in patients with pancreatic tumors and substantiate with first hints of effectiveness. .