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China Machinery

Mining machinery industry tends to large scale direction With the implementation of the urbanization and regional revitalization strategy westward, the national public geological survey have intensified, and a series of world-class mineral base have been discovered in the western region, the important mineral resource distribution pattern in China is undergoing a complete change. In particular, in recent years, public geological work stimulating exploration of mineral resources in the western region is expected to form a number of large-scale iron ore base, copper and lead-zinc base, gold base, bauxite base, China s mineral resources distribution pattern will face major changes. The mutations of mineral distribution pattern will boost the development of the fanaticism of the mineral resource class, for machinery, it will drive the demand for mining machinery, which brings a rare opportunity for mining machinery sales in 2012 and will indirectly lead to the development of mining machinery. Large and super large development has become the latest development direction of the mining machinery industry, because large-scale machinery generally have advantages of large mining and crushing and production capacity, high automation degree, simple process and facilitate management, and thus be able to meet the growing factory production scale, lower production costs, reduces energy consumption, improve work productivity and economic efficiency, so in recent years, mining machinery and equipment have been large-scale development. With the excessive monopoly of the global economy, the development of mineral resources will also lead to the development of machinery toward large-scale. Such as in the cement making plant field, traditional small and medium-sized crushing and screening machinery in the processing cannot meet the actual needs of the large-scale production, some large mines have become increasingly demand on production; large crushing ratio, high production capacity and high degree of automation crushing equipment is increasingly welcomed by large manufacturers.