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The Reason

purposes on weekends and from 5: 01 p.m. (time that comes out of his regular work) until wee hours of the morning. Having said all this, I have to clarify that I have nothing against camaronear (I same have camaroneado enough in the past), but I don’t think he is honest with the customer to sell a service as a company when the reality is different, as healthy is to be clear and honest about our methodology. B. WE HAVE BEFORE US A CASE SERIOUS LABOR EXPLOITATION. If companies in web design in question are in fact companies, then the wages of employees who work there may not be adequate, (what seems to me an injustice towards them). This can directly affect the quality of the work they are doing, since a bad contributor paid usually does not work 100% of their potential. This is precisely the reason why many web design companies have dissolved in the past, lack of labor by problems of wages and you as customer will not want to keep your web project in the middle of a process of dissolution of one of these companies (I’ve even seen cases where projects are left adrift and without any explanation by the company).

C. YOUR PROJECT HAS BEEN TAKEN BY A STUDENT, AS AN INSTRUMENT OF EDUCATION SELF-TAUGHT AMATEUR OR SIMILAR. This actually has to do with A point and refers to the possibility that your project will be made by a (University) student, apprentice or similar that you are using your project to learn or practice acquired knowledge of web design. I should point out, there is nothing wrong if the project allows it and the client is willing that it is not a company that is hiring. Finally, always remember that: the cheap is usually expensive. 2. Do not have portfolio of projects projects portfolio is the best proof that a customer may have to judge the quality of work of a web design company.