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Also Mayor Jurgen Dupper made it clear he is as pleased about this success. It is a great honor that the tourist area commitment from a higher authority such as the Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs is rewarded for us. This is particularly for the responsible tourism, the Passau E.v. Others including Electrolux, offer their opinions as well. and the tourist information Passauer land, a great appreciation of the excellent work carried out tourism. The day of tourism”is an asset for all involved and increases the value of area as a tourism region in particular”, so whether Dupper. The prize is awarded by the Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs in the two-year interval. He pays tribute to outstanding tourist city-region cooperation in the free State. TouPLUS stands for tourist Award for commendable countryside-city cooperation ‘.

The State Secretary Committee rural areas in Bavaria, which is headed by Hessel Secretary of State for economics for almost two years, has TouPLUS Bavaria ‘ launched. The aim of the competition is the clever link the offers of larger cities with the tourist attractions of rural areas. Rural areas can benefit from the flourishing city tourism and cities to expand their tourism offerings through the special attraction of the rural area for the guests. This year’s competition of TouPLUS Bayern were 23 applications to choose from. In the jury were representatives of tourism and land development Department of the Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs who represented tourism at the Catholic University of Eichstatt, Professor Harald Pechlaner, BAYERN TOURISMUS Marketing GmbH and the Bavarian STDTETAG, as well as the Chair of the Foundation. In determining originality, sustainability, extent, tourism benefits for the surrounding area and the degree of innovation of the action were relevant criteria. The prize itself is not financially endowed, the winners will receive a glass trophy specially created. In addition, he has a high image and PR value for the winners. More information: tourist information Passauer land, Cathedral square 11, 94032 Passau, Phone 0851 / 397 600