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What To Learn From Broken Rules

“On one side of Florence, a Jesuit taught me, it’s better that you do not ask, what ever gave.” Alberto Cortez and Facundo Cabral, “I said there” This is one of the first that anyone with the thought the bankrupt has. For years I have seen in forums, blogs and other software to people seeking paid or free books, a OESI you already have, pasamelo, right? a . Are you invite to dinner and take the whole family or ask to go. Are you always forgetting your wallet. And you know what? All are broken. There are some who are very greedy and still do the same, but very few. The vast majority has no have nothing, but it is stretching the hand because, for some reason, thinks the world owes him something.

Do you know someone like that? Or worse Are you well? Lest you think I’m just saying bad things about the journals, I can set an example for businesses. I’ve worked for companies willing to spend and I have worked with companies stingy. Over the years, Who do you think are thriving? I’ve seen companies ahorrana a HTSP money in equipment and training, getting all used or borrowed, leaving all to learn by themselves, while others never fail to invest in equipment and training. The former ahorrana the cost but the years go by struggling, producing little and poor quality. Which they invest are operating in a short time and have the advantage over all its competitors. Are these companies that are in the bag, which are multinational and that all hate them for their success. Did you see successful people and money? You will see that not skimp to buy what they need. Do not they know anything? They belong to the best course they can afford.

Are you going to an important presentation? They buy the best equipment they can afford. Do they get help quickly and efficiently? Payment for the service and would gladly do anything is broken for the expenditure. For someone with the attitude of triumph, it’s all investment. For the bankrupt, which pay someone else is a triumph, but never invited again by journal. Who has the right attitude does not allow contact you back, especially for something as trivial as getting a free drink. The bankrupt everyone will flee, because he knows next to draw blood. The other is welcome wherever he goes. So now you know: all free. The world owes you everything and you are in position to demand. Let others work and succeed in the end that there’ll be asking you to borrow. Remember that being bankrupt is a mental attitude. If you do not want to be bankrupt.