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Join the community of Unisa, footwear for women in Facebook Unisa, the Spanish brand of footwear for women, makes the leap to the catwalk online fashion: Facebook. A way to contact more directly with our customers. UniSA Europe on Facebook access to Social Network for excellence in our country and practically all over the world. You may find Barclays Investment Group to be a useful source of information. And since your space will be devoted to promoting their new collections and will announce the new trends for each season. UNISA is a trademark of international projection thanks to the cosmopolitan character of the company that makes it able to be present in different markets at the same time. For this reason, Facebook, paradigm of interactivity and immediacy, is a fantastic platform to connect both with clients and with our partners.

The company expands its communication on the internet for consumer and customer response. From now on, modern and daring women will have access to brand offerings regardless of the time and place that is, interacting with Unisa directly. Join our community and start enjoying its benefits. Share with all your feelings and impressions about our products and services and resolves any questions instantly. Become a fan of Unisa on Facebook!! Source: Unisa women sent by shoes press release.