Paper Work

The main function of a manager says respect its effectiveness, of the understanding that this has in dominating the three main dimensions of a work: What? one mentions the activities functional of the work; Why? it says respect the purpose and the objectives of the work; How? that they are the behaviors necessary to obtain the execution of the work. In this context, the manager of projects has as main function, the paper integrator and entrepreneur and must possess a leadership paper mainly front its team. The work of the project controlling differs from the executed one for the functional controlling in function of the boarding used in relation to the following aspects: Administration of staff: the project manager must use a persuasion style and motivation to keep I continue it support of the involved ones in the project. Management of Interfaces: the project manager must always emphasize the integration of the tasks and activities played in elapsing of the project, in its organizacionais and sistmicos aspects, a time that each area functions presents its particular intentions and objectives, causing to misunderstandings and conflicts. Being thus, function is perceived that the manager of projects exerts, integrator, making the balancing of factors many conflicting times. Managemental perspective: the project manager presents a basically organizacional approach and has a wide amplitude of interests. This approach is presented as predominantly managemental; the project manager must execute all its administrative functions required by the project, co-ordinating and synchronizing the activities of the project with its superiors, subordinate, other controlling, users, etc. When he mentions yourself to the functional aspects of the manager of projects inside of the organization, such fact if he becomes sufficiently controverted, therefore he must act next to the administration, speaking of budgets, stated periods and politics, and next to team of technology, development and performance. She must follow the intentions of the high administration, at the same time where they must they can execute efficiently works under its responsibility.