Manager Service

The richest man is he who knows what to do the next day. Arabic proverb the role of management in the current scenarios requires a professional, as well as modern knowledge and tools that administrative science has generated on the basis of new paradigms that allow interpreted how should act on them, you need to be fully logged in with new features that are being taken, the challenges that are being generatedas well as the threats and opportunities, in order to plan the actions that will ensure a good turnout. A Manager requires that in addition to strategist, is visionary and understands, the companies at present are focused on economic and ecological sustainability based on the reuse of resources. Ben Horowitz insists that this is the case. This efficient use of resources is to be understood that the products will be means to provide services to consumers; manufacturers will have to produce goods whose components must retain its value, even when you have finished your function or service life. Products will always belong to the manufacturer who will be responsible for recycle and reuse them. The consumer is limited to use the service provided by the good: for example do not buy detergents but cleaning; carpets are not bought but a service to decorate the Office and home, where pay for have carpeted area, with regular replacement, allowing the supplying company recycle or reuse the product with the consequent saving of raw materials. There is commitment to consuming less energy, less raw post has for the company the immediate benefit of reducing their costs of production and operation and the environment reduce their pollution and deterioration. Go concretising these global trends will have a reduction in the net consumption of raw materials, with which they feel affected countries whose economies are based on the exploitation of natural resources and raw materials for sale. Management must pay more attention to the role of the eco-efficiency which is an administrative culture that guides the business community to be more competitive; promote innovations in their business and adapt their production processes to the needs of the market and the environment.