Language Skills

In addition to manufacturing companies, translators working in publishing houses, where they engaged in literary translations of foreign works. For this scope of work, of course, one, even excellent, language skills are not enough. To translate text as close as possible to how it was written the author himself must be part writer, understand and feel that the author wanted to convey the nuances of the text and translate these nuances into the Russian language so that the message sent to the author, survived. This is perhaps the only area of translation, in which humanitarian or linguistic education not only be superfluous, but also very rewarding. So if you are interested in literature, and you want to work with a professional translator of books – language universities for you.

Scope of interpretations is divided into consecutive and simultaneous interpretation. As successive translators and interpreters are engaged in translation various meetings and negotiations, but a feature of interpreters is that they have to translate it simultaneously with the speaker. This is a very difficult job and it pays well. If you feel a potential and commitment to this work, you must obtain the appropriate education, because even in language universities simultaneous interpreters are separate from other professionals. If you are more attracted measured consecutive interpretation, then, as is the case with translation, special education is not so necessary.

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